What are The Ascended?

Ascended is a collection of 8,888 unique randomly generated people who seek the strange, enigmatic power of the masks. They know not why the masks call, but they do know they must heed it.

Coming This December!

Welcome to Inmanis

The world of Inmanis is vast and barren.

Total population is unknown but thought to be sparse. It’s denizens gather in high number in places called Oasis. These safe havens are separated from one another by measureless distance. 

In fact, the world between these Oasis has been left well alone, and as a result is shrouded in obscurity. The fearless and the foolhardy are known to set off in an attempt to plot out and tame these wild lands. These expeditions range from weeks to years and some…some have yet to return at all. Curiously it seems after comparing notes on the various expeditions that these boundless regions are not constant. Every explorers tales vary incredibly from the last. Inmanis appears to be unyielding, everchanging and unrelenting.

Stranger yet is people who manage to return from pilgrimages from the Unknown always bore witness to otherworldly mysteries: giant structures from strange civilizations, colossal beings of light wandering alongside them, and all kinds of unexplained manifestations …

If all these happening weren’t unsettling enough there is one more thing. Those who do manage to come back to the Oasis sometimes do so with mysterious masks stuck to their heads. They claim to have access to their Altered Egos which bestows upon them the ability to travel outside of this material world. They don’t stay for long in the Oasis and are uninterested in teaching much to the rest, the only parting wisdom they offer is an insistence that everyone go on their own quest in the Unknown.

They are known as Ascended Guides…

What is your alter ego?

Development Roadmap

  • Rarity Guide

    We will be rolling out a rarity guide shortly after launch!

  • Ascension event

    Those who seek the masks may find Ascension!  Shortly after mint the Ascension process will commence!  Those NFTs from the collection from masked to mask-less and anywhere in between will be selected at random to partake in this most auspicious event!  This will take place every couple days for a few months.

  • More Utility to come!

    We want to under promise and over deliver. 
    we see a lot of projects launching tokens, staking, burning, p2e gaming, etc before there is any real value. We don't want to put the cart before the horse.
    What we can say is that we are developing a whole world and lore around these avatars and have big plans to expand the franchise.



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